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Friday, September 4, 2015

On the Road Again

Off to Pleasanton this weekend. 

It's the 150th year! (Of the games not our performing there--though sometimes when I look in the mirror...)

And I am SO unprepared. These last few weeks have been nothing but writing (and thank God the book is done and off to copyedits) so no vocal exercise, no preparing sets, no packing. I'm doing it all now, running around the house singing in Gaelic while I try and remember things like my boots.

God knows what the neighbors think. :-D 

Our very favorite Chinese restaurant in the world is in Dublin and I am hoping we have dinner there one night. I live in fear of the day we arrive and discover it's finally closed.  It's impossible to find decent Chinese food around here.

This is always a great gig. We've held the Four Seasons stage for...jeez...fifteen years now? Sixteen? Seventeen? Anyway, a long time and we've got so many friends and fans who we only see when we play up north. So it will be good. Plus, it's a lot of playing--three hour-long sets a day, minimum--and we always end up breaking out a lot of the really old material we haven't done in years.

Past and present overlapping through the music...


  1. The Bay Area has great Asian cuisine! Enjoy yourselves and hope your voices hold up.


    1. The restaurant has gone out of business. :-( So sad.

  2. Bummer. We get Thai (take-out) more often than Chinese these days. Seems healthier to me but I'm probably kidding myself. :)