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Friday, May 1, 2015

Pulling Up Stakes

family room
I realized that I never did an update about our adventures in house buying.

We didn't get the first house I blogged about -- and for a time that was a huge heartbreak. Nothing I saw seemed to compare. Or if it did, it was too far away. Or out of our price range. So we kept looking because once you've got that pulling-up-stakes bug, there really isn't any going back.

One house that was a little further away than I wanted--and out of price range--kept popping up in my searches and finally I thought...what the heck. We could just go to the Open House.

So we did.

And to make a long story short...we bought the house.

It's about twice the size of the house we fell in love with (about three times the size of our old house) and it needed zero work. Bigger, better, nicer neighborhood.

Sometimes what feels like a complete defeat is actually triumph in disguise. That's a good lesson to remember.

So here are some pics of the house in the initial stages.

wet bar

dining room

living room

kitchen and family room

back yard

my office

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