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Philip Marlow in Murder, My Sweet

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Song Remains the Same

It seems weird to me that I never write about music.

Almost thirty years of performing. Eight albums, countless concerts, trips, fairs, games, etc. But none of my main characters are ever musicians.

I don't even like reading books centered around the music world (okay, that's because the writers usually get it all so painfully wrong).

I've never thought about it before. But then for years I didn't want to write or read about anything that had to do with teaching or schools.

So maybe it's just that we're still performing, still doing music?

But no, because I've always written about writing and authors.



  1. Do the folk singers in "The Cliffs of Night" count? I ran across my copy when I was cleaning out a closet a while ago and realized I still hadn't read it. :-( Think I picked it up back when you blogged about some favorite Irish themed reads before you headed off to Ireland. The premise sounds great but it's still languishing in my TBR pile. Someday.

    Hey here's a thought. Why not write about a folk music scholar? Maybe something along the lines of a contemporary take on the film "Songcatcher"? The protag could research Celtic music in Scotland-Ireland. Might make a nice break from all the law enforcement types.

    Btw, have you seen AMC's Turn: Washington's Spies? The soundtrack features Celtic music. We just finished streaming the first season which we enjoyed. Not sure if we'll purchase the second season from Amazon or wait for it to stream on Netflix. Was happy to hear it's been picked up for a third season. Haven't checked out Highlander yet. I didn't care much for the book, and I'm wondering if the series will have as much sex.


  2. Actually, Cliffs of Night does count. And so does Black is the Color of My True Love's Heart by Ellis Peters, which is hands down my favorite book about folksingers. :-)

    The scholarly side of it...I don't know. That would probably be interesting.

  3. I've only read/listened to her Cadfael series, but I noticed the Inspector Felse books were also available through Audible when I bought the Cadfaels. Maybe I'll splurge and buy True Love's Heart.

    I really like reading about academic protagonists. It's a great fictional profession for developing interesting plots.