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Philip Marlow in Murder, My Sweet

Friday, February 27, 2015

Gone Fishing

Ha! Not likely. But I am on vacation (I say this guiltily because I did have another vacation last month -- but after all, by now I've surely earned three weeks of annual vacation time at this job, right?) in Catalina.

Yes, Catalina again. I really do love this place.

Oops this photo has nothing to do with Catalina (it was taken during recording Miles Through the Night)!

I am praying nothing happens with the house while I'm gone. Wouldn't that be horrendous timing?!

So I am here with the sisters again -- it's all wine, women and song when the Browne Sisters get together. All that's missing is Mr. Cavanaugh.

I have to admit that healthy eating is not part of this vacation. But we are walking lots and getting fresh air and sunshine. We are talking and laughing and yes, singing. In fact, I think we may have summoned up some selkies the other night.

Oh, and we are juicing.

Okay, not really. But we will be juicing when we get home. And here's a great little article from Joe Cross himself on the top myths about juicing. Read up. And then drink up!

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