Was it murder--or something serious?
Philip Marlow in Murder, My Sweet

Friday, February 27, 2015

Gone Fishing

Ha! Not likely. But I am on vacation (I say this guiltily because I did have another vacation last month -- but after all, by now I've surely earned three weeks of annual vacation time at this job, right?) in Catalina.

Yes, Catalina again. I really do love this place.

Oops this photo has nothing to do with Catalina (it was taken during recording Miles Through the Night)!

I am praying nothing happens with the house while I'm gone. Wouldn't that be horrendous timing?!

So I am here with the sisters again -- it's all wine, women and song when the Browne Sisters get together. All that's missing is Mr. Cavanaugh.

I have to admit that healthy eating is not part of this vacation. But we are walking lots and getting fresh air and sunshine. We are talking and laughing and yes, singing. In fact, I think we may have summoned up some selkies the other night.

Oh, and we are juicing.

Okay, not really. But we will be juicing when we get home. And here's a great little article from Joe Cross himself on the top myths about juicing. Read up. And then drink up!

Friday, February 20, 2015

A Body in Motion

Mr. Thrilling and I are house hunting.

Except we're not. We actually have an offer in on a house. But it's a short sale. So it's sort of like being stuck in limbo. We're house hunting but since we have an offer in, we're really just window shopping at the moment.

Actually, it's hard NOT to window shop. And door shop. And flooring shop and lighting fixtures and banisters and rose bushes shop...

We compromise by watching a lot of HGTV. Yes, even Mr. Thrilling has been sitting next to me on the sofa, munching popcorn and saying things like "I prefer a more open concept living room."

With a straight face.

It is so difficult to be patient because there's just no guarantee how this will all turn out. I don't even want to post a picture because it kind of seems like tempting fate. But for what it's worth, this is what we're looking at.

It's a perfectly ordinary, very common floor plan. The property needs a fair bit of work, and more work as each week passes and the garden continues to die and the pool grows more swamplike. I honestly don't even know why I like it so much. But I do.

Though we have seen many nice and more easily acquired houses, this one somehow clicks all the right buttons for us. It's very much a blank slate. No cheesy renovations with those same laminate floors and granite counter tops everyone does now. The alterations that were done are unique and interesting enough that we wouldn't want to change them. And location is a huge part of it. It's still very close to my family and where I like to shop and eat and walk and so forth.

Anyway, it's unexpectedly distracting. Because if by some chance it does finally, eventually happen, it's liable to happen quickly and so we need to be ready. And that's actually making it hard to write just now. There's a lot of gathering financial paperwork in preparation (this is where being self-employed is a nightmare), and a lot of sorting and discarding going on. MY GOSH WE HAVE A LOT OF STUFF.

And that's not even including books. I think we could start our own used bookstore at this point.

Anyway, that's what's happening right now. We are stuck in a holding pattern.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday, February 6, 2015

Little bit of an update...

High Rhymes and Misdemeanors is now available in Spanish. So far it's listed at Barnes and Noble,  Apple/iTunes, Inktera, and eventually Amazon. In short, eventually it will be pretty much everywhere. Thank you to Rosa Sanz at Babelcube for the translation AND the lovely cover.

And I just signed the contract for the Spanish translation of Verse of the Vampyre as well. This time the translation is to be done by Karlos San Pedro of Babelcube.

In other news, Lauren Fortgang is getting ready to record the audio book version of Dial Om for Murder. I'm really looking forward to this. Lauren did such a brilliant job with Corpse Pose.

And finally, Mr. Thrilling and I are putting together the proposal for a non-fiction project called Mr. and Mrs. Murder, which I'm actually uneasy about discussing until the proposal is ready and making the rounds. But I hope to be able to share more in another month or so. We're very excited about it. And I think if you love vintage mystery, you will be too. But shhhh!