Was it murder--or something serious?
Philip Marlow in Murder, My Sweet

Monday, January 12, 2015

Catalina 2014

I'm being very lazy about my blog posts. There's just so much happening right now I find it hard to find words. I know, that's a funny thing for a writer to say. This is a year of change. I can feel it. It won't all be good. It won't all be bad. But things are happening.

That said, one very good thing that happened this year was the vacation Kevin and I took on Catalina Island. A lot of the time was spent on our new joint project Mr. and Mrs. Murder (more on that later). And I came up with an idea for a series...again, a bit too early to discuss.


  1. I love pelicans!! And seals. You can keep the sea gulls.

    1. They warn you very sternly about feeding the sea gulls. And fair enough. I love the pelicans. I love that they look prehistoric. So graceful -- almost fierce in the air -- and then PLOP!!. Such an ungraceful landing. But they instantly regroup. I MEANT TO DO THAT. :-D

  2. Wasn't this supposed to be a vacation? Why the heck were you working? I'm tempted to ask about the new series, but that would be enabling a workaholic. ;-)