Was it murder--or something serious?
Philip Marlow in Murder, My Sweet

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Trip, Trap, Trip, Trap, Trip, Trap

I’m not sure why I’m thinking of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Oh yes. Trolls. Trolls and this fairly scary article in Salon.

A novelist who stalked an online critic shows us how twisted the dynamic between writers and commenters has gotten.

 Being married to a reviewer/blogger who has received more than his share of death threats -- and having now and then irked a few people with my own reviews -- this is unsettling stuff.

Crazy author stories are always a favorite with reviewers and bloggers, but at the risk of sounding self-absorbed, I think authors are probably far more likely to be the victim of harassment or violence both online and in real life.

For one thing, a review is only likely to spark real passion in one breast and one breast alone -- the author’s. Whereas the author of a work of fiction can spark passion in the breasts of many. Dozens, hundreds, thousands, even millions in the case of religious works or, er, Harry Potter. So I can't help thinking an author has a much higher chance of triggering the wrong person. 

Anyway, it does give one pause for thought. And maybe for pause for pause as far as some of these other plans of mine…


  1. Do what ever you feel safest with, its your life and you are the only one who can know how you feel. You have earned both your privacy and your recognition.

    1. We do live in strange times. I am always disconcerted by the -- admittedly very few -- people who ask such intrusive and personal questions as ARE YOU REALLY A WOMAN? How is this anyone's business? Buy the books or don't. Get out of my face.

      My only "contract" with readers is to write the very best book I can each time I set out on a fictional journey.