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Monday, October 27, 2014

A Day in the Life

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6:30 - Stumble out of bed, turn on desktop, stumbled downstairs and make coffee, stumble back to desktop and open Diana email.

7:00 - 8:30 - Pretend to do email while Facebooking with bestie in other realm of publishing - mutual panic over Christmas stories we must write in two weeks. HOW DO WE GET OURSELVES INTO THIS? (Answer: The same way we do every year)

8:30 - Discuss Diana website makeover with Mr. Thrilling (Thrilling Detective Website Guy)

9:00 - Begin to peruse Diana email in earnest - spot notice of Raymond Chandler bus tour for Bouchercon early birds. Alert the media! Okay, alert Mr. Thrilling. We agree we love this idea. Book tour.

9:30 - Mr. Thrilling inquires as to why I am posting pictures of myself with big glasses everywhere when in fact I only use glasses for reading. He mentions Rick Perry, but I forgive him. Decide I need a new, cuter photo and begin looking through iPhone.

9:35 - Remember that I am supposed to be weeding through 500 emails

9:40 - Go downstairs for another cup of coffee -- remember it is our day to water!!!

10:30 - Realize I am looking at wrong email box

10:35 - Deal with panic over Italian translations in other part of publishing world -- realize I have never dealt with Diana Spanish translation and hie myself back to Diana in-box

11:00 - I am starving! I have not had breakfast! What kind of employer am I that I do not allow peak performing employees to take a break?

11:01 - Holy hell! I have forgotten to send excel spreadsheet with Browne Sister newsletter names for November concert mailing.

11:30 - What was I doing?

11:31 - God in Heaven, I haven't brushed my teeth yet!

11:32 - Where was I?

11:33 - Diana pictures...

11:34 - Must remember to re-do Diana newsletter...
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12:00 - Determine that I need a new official Diana author photo. Choose blurry iPhone photo for the meantime.

12:08 - Breakfast

12:30 - Jump over to Twitter account and begin wedding out everyone who doesn't follow me back. HOW VERY DARE YOU?!

12:35 - Brush teeth

1:00 - Open laptop. Begin writing Girl Dective blog posts

3:00 - Go for swim in arctic waters

4:30 - Write more Girl Detective blog posts

5:00 - Look over proofs for print High Rhymes and Misdemeanors

6:00 - Get distracted midst researching posts and start reading Margaret Scherf's Curious Custard Pie.

8:00 - Stomach is growling. Notice the time. Close laptop. Tomorrow is another day.

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