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Friday, September 26, 2014

Bouchercon Update

I got a panel assignment!

That’s both startling and delightful. Of course, it’s also a little tiny bit weird in that I haven’t written anything as Diana for…how many years now? Two? Three?

In a publishing environment where quarterly publishing is pretty much the rule, that’s a long time. And it’s weirder still because this year I’ve written three full-length novels, a novella, and I’m about to do a holiday novella as well.

In fact, adding that holiday novella into the mix is why there won’t be time to do anything for Diana this year. Which is a shame, but if there was one thing I learned from the alarming experience of burning out, it’s to follow my heart when it comes to writing the stories that inspire and move me.

Anyway, I’m so pleased they found room for me on a panel. I don’t think I know anyone else beyond  Sue Ann.  I hope to take at least a peek at everyone’s latest work before the conference.

Panel info:


Make 'Em Laugh: Balancing the Lows of Loss with the Highs of Humor

Moderator Terry Shames

Melodie Campbell
Sharon Fiffer
Sue Ann Jaffarian
Diana Killan
Helen Smith 

 Friday Nov. 14, 2014 11:30- 12:30 Shoreline


  1. Sounds totally terrifying to me :-) Getting up and talking infront of other people is my idea of hell. Good luck.

    1. I have to say that speaking on front of an audience is one thing that doesn't frighten me. Thanks to years as teacher, corporate overlord and singer chick with Celtic band. ;-) Now plenty of OTHER things scare me. But not speaking to a crowd.