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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Oliver's Travels

I've been watching Oliver's Travels. This was a PBS Mystery! series that I'd heard a bit about over the years and as it was described as witty and quirky, I thought it might be fun. I hunted till I finally found a used copy on Amazon.

I'm sorry to say that it's turned out to be more quirky than witty, and probably more silly than genuinely quirky.

Bates and Cusack do a very solid job with the talky script and the convoluted plot. It's the kind of thing that probably works better as a book, although I don't think this ever was a book. I believe it was created for television.

Mr. Thrilling could only take two episodes. I suspect it will prove most useful for falling asleep to.

I'm sincerely hoping the copy of Jemima Shore Investigates that I managed to locate turns out to be a greater success.

Still looking for a copy of Brat Farrar.

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