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Friday, July 13, 2012

Just One of Those Things now available

Way back when Mr. Thrilling and I first hooked up, we put together a little anthology of crime stories written by members of the Wicked Company mystery discussion group. The anthology was called Down These Wicked Streets. I wrote a little shorty that was in effect a bit of a love letter to Mr. Thrilling, who at the time I only knew online.

Anyway, the story was set in 1935 and it featured a smarty-pants female operative not long out of college, a bit idealistic, very adventurous -- and who was also an aspiring writer of the pulps. I loved writing about Mary Kelly, and I envisioned doing a number of stories about her, but everyone I talked to (with the exception of Mr. Thrilling who had been wooed and won by Mary) warned me that girl detectives and historical mysteries set in the 30s were just not selling.

Which was true. Of course now days I would say damn the torpedoes and write exactly what I wanted to, but back then I very much wanted to be a successful writer when I grew up. And I believed the best way to do that was to follow the approved path to mainstream publishing. Not that High Rhymes and Misdemeanors was exactly on the beaten path, but it wasn't ranging through the woods tearing down log cabins and eating redwoods. If you know what I mean.

So I reluctantly shelved my Mary Kelly stories -- in fact, I'd been writing a serial novella on my website, and I got so busy and was so convinced I was wasting my time, I abandoned it after a few chapters.

Fast forward and I've decided to resume work on the Kelly books. We've started by taking the original short story and putting it up on Amazon as a Kindle exclusive.

I don't know that it will always be a Kindle exclusive. In fact, I don't approve of Kindle exclusives, but this was easiest to start with.

Welcome back, Mary!

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